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Models TSL, TSL-F, TSM, TSM-F and STM Steam/Water Flat Glass Gauges

Designed to expand and contract during dynamic thermal cycling, steam water gauges incorporate extra heavy construction, Belleville washers and mica shield working together to minimize the effects of the thermally induced stresses. These gauges provide direct visual indication and are used in low and high pressure boilers in all industries.

Features & Benefits:

  • Belleville washer on all gauges provide improved sealing
  • Mica shields protect glass from steam etching
  • Stuffing box or flanged connection
  • Expansion loops minimize effects of thermal cycling
  • Conforms to ASME/ASTM specifications

Minimum Visible Length 9.00”
Maximum Visible Length 35.50”
Special length and configurations available
Sizes 6 to 9 gauge glass
Pressures and Temperature to 1,500 psig @ 600°F

Covers ASTM A105, ASTM A285 Carbon Steel
Chambers ASTM A 285 Carbon Steel
Standpipe ASTM A 106 Carbon Steel
Borosilicate Glass
Gaskets – GRAFOIL®

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Technical Data Sheets

Penberthy Direct Reading Liquid Level Gage and Gagecocks (English)

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