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Figure F267J & F268J - Single Seated Piston Valve (Reversible)

Keystone Hygienic Process Equipment, Single Seated

The figure 267J and 268J valves are single seal piston valves, used to control process or C.I.P. fluids.

  • F267J for isolating.
  • F268J for diverting or converging flows.

Features & Benefits:


  • Product contact parts are manufactured from high quality 316L Stainless Steel Bar.
  • Heavy walled body construction.
  • Semi bright external surface finish.
  • Compact, lightweight design.
  • Heavy duty cast body clamps (bolted type).
  • Various sealing options available.
  • Metal plug stop, protects seat seals from wear or damage.
  • A wide choice of port configurations are available.
  • Resilient seated for positive isolation.
  • Free draining design, eliminates product puddling and air pockets.
  • Smooth ball shaped bodies, reduces turbulence and improves flow.
  • Smooth internal surfaces for ease of cleaning.
  • Maintenance friendly design.
  • Reversible actuator.
  • Clamped body style offers full 360° orientation of body ports.
  • Butt weld end connections.


  • Mirror polished internals.
  • Clamp and thread end connections.
  • Manual operating device.
  • 3 Position actuator.
  • Booster actuator.
  • Long stroke actuators.
  • Control head or feed back unit.
  • Quick release body clamps.

See the Technical Data Sheet in the Documentation tab for more detailed specifications for the Keystone Hygienic Products Figure 267J PLUS & 268J PLUS - Single Seated Piston Valve (Reversible)

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