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Welbond® High Pressure Globe Valve

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The Yarway Welbond® Valve has become an established stop valve for general line service in modern high pressure power plants. The latest design combines the proven features of its predecessor with advantages made possible by advancements in metallurgy and fluid flow research.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fastest In-Line Repair – Repairable in-line more easily and at less cost than any other valve. Stem, disc, and packing can be quickly removed through the yoke, and the seat fully exposed for “like new” restoration.
  • High Dependability – One-piece forged body without pressure welds, seal welds, pressure-containing threads or gaskets, body/bonnet joints, or any of their related problems.
  • Greater Durability – Solid Stellite disc and seat ring all but eliminates cracking. Extra thickness of the seat ring also provides enough material to renew the seating surface over and over again.
  • High Flow Capacity – Generous port sizes and disc retraction well beyond that required for optimum flow. These features help to minimize flow velocities and, therefore, decrease the erosive forces which shorten the life of the seat and disc.
  • Available Off-The-Shelf – An in-depth stocking program makes Welbond valves available to you directly off-the-shelf (socketweld ends standard to 2 1/2").
  • Convertible Feature – The complete pre-machining of each Valve body means one of the backseat designs can be converted to the other, simply by reassembly with alternate backseat bushing.

See the Technical Data Sheet in the Documentation tab for more detailed specifications for the Yarway Welbond Stop Valve

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Yarway Welbond High Pressure Globe Valve (English)

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