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9100 Series ARC® Valve For Centrifugal Pump Protection

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A self-contained system, the 9100 Series ARC® valve requires no instrument signal or power source. 

The 9100 Series ARC® provides reliable, economical protection for centrifugal pumps against the serious damage from overheating and instability that can result from even a few minutes of low flow. By providing recirculation flow to the inlet of the pump, the 9100 ARC® helps ensure a minimum flow for stable pump operation.

The modulating 9100 ARC® creates operating economies in several ways. The ARC® recirculates only the flow required to help ensure a minimum flow through the pump at all times. Under full process main flow demand, recirculation flow is not required. But as the process main flow demand decreases, recirculation becomes necessary. Unlike continuous recirculation, the ARC® responds directly to this need. The use of an ARC® valve eliminates the need to oversize the pump and prime mover. Such oversizing adds significantly to the capital cost of the pump and prime mover as well as to the cost of energy needed for operation.

An ARC® valve also saves most of the costs of a conventional multiple component flow control loop because the valve itself is a completely self-contained system: it is a flow sensing orifice; a check valve; a recirculation control valve and a pressure letdown device. As a self-contained system, it requires no instrument signal or power source, or any of the associated maintenance.

Manufactured and tested in the USA, the 9100 ARC® is one of an entire family of ARC® (automatic recirculation control) valves. These valves have delivered consistent and reliable service for over three decades. In the USA alone, more than 15,000 ARC® valves have been installed in power plants, refineries, and chemical plants.

Features & Benefits:

  • Eliminates high cost of installation and maintenance of complex conventional flow control loops.
  • Eliminates multiple vendors of components.
  • Eliminates cavitation in the valving and piping.
  • Only three pipe connections.
  • Eliminates any power source or instrument signal.

Pressure: ANSI Class 150, 300, 600
Size: 1" to 12"
Temperature: Up to 500°F 

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