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PSTD (Partial Stroke Test Device)

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PSTD (Partial Stroke Test Device)
Test ESD valves without shutdown (Patent Pending)

The Morin Partial Stroke Test Device (PSTD) was developed to allow users to test emergency shut-down valves without disrupting the process. The PSTD unit is locked out when the unit is in service and the valve functions normally. When the unit needs to be tested, the operator unlocks the device and inserts the stop pin, allowing for 15 degrees of valve travel to sufficiently test the valve package. Unlike electronic versions, you are guaranteed a hard stop and no over-travel, time after time, without any special calibration.

Features & Benefits:

  • Allows the verification of safety shutdown valve operation without shutting down part or all of a system, to greatly improve plant productivity and safety.
  • Allows for more frequent testing of ESD valve and actuator packages, reducing the potential for dangerous failures.
  • Allows for full system loop check including the DCS system, solenoid, and other associated controls.
  • Closes the valve by approximately 15 degrees – sufficient to demonstrate system operations, but with minimal effect on valve flow.
  • Completely integrated package – no special mounting needed.
  • The PSTD's proprietary interlocking unit ensures only authorized users of the device can access the system.
  • Does not interfere with operation of standard travel stop when disengaged.

General Applications
Strict plant safety regulations require that critical ESD (Emergency Shutdown) valves be operationally checked on a regular basis. Before the PSTD option was developed, checking ESD valve operations often meant shutting down the complete system. Because of this loss of production, most plants kept frequency of testing to the bare minimum. In addition, infrequent testing also meant that ESD valves could become “stuck” in position due to continuous process effects. By utilizing Morin's PSTD option, more frequent testing can be performed with continuous, unimpaired operations. The result – increased productivity and safety levels combined with increased system confidence should an actual ESD occur.

Materials of Construction
Mounting Block: 316 SS
Pin: 17-4PH SS
Fasteners: 18-8 SS
The PSTD is available for all models (B, C, HP, S).

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