Distribution customers can rely on Pentair’s industry-leading products and services to provide efficient, innovative means of water transportation.

Water distributors face a unique set of challenges in the water industry.  Companies need the most efficient means of transporting water from one point to the next, but are challenged to minimize construction costs and ensure that the pipelines will be as non-intrusive as possible.  This often means building them underground, resulting in additional environmental concerns and the need to find effective ways to manage pipeline pressure to ensure safety and continuity.

The Only Manufacturer to Offer End-to-End Solutions and Minimize Cost
Pentair has the unique ability to supply costumers with an entire distribution system. This includes steel and plastic pipes, isolation valves, fitting, and ductile iron pipes, as well as pressure management, pressure regulation and flow monitoring products.  We bring together the best-suited products from our broad portfolio to tailor a complete solution that fits our customers’ individual needs.  Each product from our leading brands is available directly from Pentair, minimizing the customer’s end cost, and ensuring unparalleled product service and logistical support.  This allows us to take responsibility for the integrity of our products and the end solution.

Our products include:

  • Bayard  pressure management products
  • Keystone butterfly valves and isolation and control products
  • Pentair Water’s Eco Series ductile iron lines pipelines
  • Plaspipe pipelines
  • SINTAKOTE® steel pipelines
Environmentally-Friendly Pressure Management Solutions
Pentair’s pipeline solutions also manage pressure with environmentally-sound production.  An example is our Eco Series Ductile Iron pipeline system, which is constructed from recycled scrap steel and iron, coated with earth-friendly acrylic complements and engineered to allow for optimized pressure.