Natural Gas

Within the natural gas industry, the combined cycle power plant is currently dominating the global market. Particularly in locations that don’t have the option of burning solid fuels, these modular and flexible power plant systems provide a low cost, low emissions power choice. However, as plant sizes expand, plant designers, engineers and owners are also challenged to improve efficiencies through higher pressures and temperatures that plants may not be currently equipped to handle.

Pentair is dedicated to working with its customers to develop products and services for the most difficult applications in the natural gas combined cycle segment. Our team of thermodynamic experts use decades of experience in isolation and system protection design to support the combined cycle engineer and operator by maximizing plant availability, reliability and safety. We understand that plant managers cannot afford the costs or risks associated with ongoing maintenance and downtime. That is why we are committed to delivering reliable products and solutions that assist our customers in decreasing the plants’ total lifecycle costs and increasing performance.

Pentair serves the new construction and generation segments of the market, leveraging a full suite of valve and control products that improve the performance, safety and reliability of natural gas combined cycle plants. Our advanced technologies are helping to improve efficiencies and meet the challenges facing the suppliers and users of turbines and heat recovery steam generators (HRSG). Through an array of globally recognized brands, Pentair’s solutions continue to innovate and advance the industry:

  • The Yarway HT Templow product is the only probe style desuperheater for HRSG superheater and reheater attemperation that can handle temperatures up to 621° C.
  • The Vanessa brand has delivered reliability for gas turbine trip and throttle applications for more than 20 years around the globe.
  • Our Anderson Greenwood, Crosby brand developed the first pilot operated Section I valve applied to the HRSG economizer.
  • Sempell leads the way in Turbine Bypass Valves for HP, IP and LP applications that help to reduce the potential for downstream pipe cracks due to overspray across the steam piping.