Pentair Valves and Controls provides valves, actuators, controls, turbines, and other equipment to conventional, nuclear, and renewable power producers on five continents. Our service teams partner with power generation operators on both new build and routine maintenance to ensure the most efficient and productive use of their plants and equipment, to enhance plant and personnel safety, and to reduce emissions.

Our product portfolio
Our customers choose us because of our many highly respected brands, specialized solutions, industry expertise, and global support. Drawing on our portfolio of trusted brands, some of which have existed for more than 100 years, we provide critical system solutions for even the most challenging applications.

The following are some of our industry-leading products:

  • Crosby direct spring-operated pressure-relief valves are used in high-pressure, multistage natural gas compressors.
  • Sempell GGC and Control valves with its product lines Raisteam, Dewrance and Intervalve provide reliable control and zero leakage performance in high pressures and temperatures.
  • Sempell pilot-operated main steam safety valves are designed for new-generation nuclear reactors.
  • Yarway steam desuperheaters allow precise and economical control of steam temperatures.
  • Vanessa triple-offset valves, with blowout-proof stem and metal-to-metal torque seat, provide zero leakage performance, making them suitable for extreme pressures and temperatures.
Our brands

Partnering for optimal outcomes
We have developed many of our products and services in partnership with operators and contractors specifically for power generation. By understanding their requirements and drawing on our knowledge and expertise, we are able to recommend the best-suited solutions for their applications.

Power industries served by Pentair
No matter where in the world our customers are located, Pentair Valves and Controls teams are present with local representatives to help solve their power production challenges.


Coal plant operators rely on Pentair valves and controls to help handle high-temperature steam, operate supercritical and ultrasupercritical boilers, optimize boiler efficiency, minimize plant downtime, and meet CO2 and other emission standards.

Natural Gas

Pentair serves the operators of natural gas combined-cycle power plants by maximizing the reliability, performance, and safety of valves and connectors used in turbines and heat-recovery steam generators and minimizing their total life-cycle costs.


Pentair provides new and retrofitted valves and connectors for new and existing nuclear reactors and plants, as well as lifecycle services and support. We maintain our ASME N “stamp” certification to ensure the quality required to meet the nuclear industry’s stringent standards.


Pentair Tamar designs and installs small and micro-hydro power turbine systems that help customers harness the naturally occurring, gravity-fueled source of power found in streams and rivers. We work in every phase of the process, from planning and design through installation and commissioning of off-grid power sources.


Pentair’s portfolio of products and solutions extend to the concentrated solar power and geothermal markets. They are designed to maximize uptime, reduce costs per kilowatt of energy, withstand highly corrosive steam, and meet sustainability goals.