Oil and Gas

Pentair Valves and Controls provides valves, related equipment, special solutions, and support services to all verticals of the oil and gas industry, from upstream exploration and production to midstream transmission and downstream refining.

Our product portfolio
Used in multiple industries, our products are especially suited to the specific challenges of oil and gas applications, including high and low pressures, temperatures, and flow rates, as well as in abrasive media and corrosive and cryogenic environments. They are engineered to help producers increase throughput, extend run times, reduce maintenance time and costs, and lower risks. Our product brands are known throughout the world for their quality, reliability, and extended life cycles.

Pentair meets the industry’s challenges through its broad product portfolio, which includes quarter-turn valves (ball, butterfly, and triple offset), gate, globe, and check valves, pressure management valves and devices, and control products. The following are just a few of our industry-leading products:

  • Vanessa triple-offset valves, with blowout-proof stem and metal-to-metal torque seat, provide zero leakage performance, making them suitable for extreme pressures and temperatures.
  • Keystone high-performance butterfly valves are used to isolate and modulate a variety of media.
  • Keystone K-LOK seated butterfly valves, used to control and isolate abrasive fluids, have a life cycle 2.5 times longer than that of competing valves.
  • FCT cryogenic ball valves have a trunnion-mounted/split body design suitable for integrity pressure protection and emergency shutdowns in temperatures as low as ‒196° C.
  • Biffi OLGAS hydraulic actuators, with one of the fastest closing times in the industry, help prevent overpressurization during emergency shutdowns in high-integrity pressure protection systems.
  • Anderson Greenwood pressure, vacuum, and thermal-relief safety valves help protect low-pressure storage vessels, tanks, and pipelines.
Our brands

Upstream Applications

Pentair valves and control equipment are used upstream in a wide range of onshore, offshore, subsea, and deepwater applications, including floating production storage and offloading systems (FPSOs), in the following:

  • offshore emergency shutdown (ESD) systems
  • high-integrity pressure protection systems in deepsea wells
  • overpressure protection for heavy oil extraction
  • leak detection and prevention systems on offshore platforms.

Midstream Applications

We provide manual equipment, automated packages, and integrated solutions for the transmission and transportation of petroleum products via pipelines, and in liquefied natural gas (LNG) liquefaction and regasification plants, tankers, and terminals, including these:

  • flow isolation and control for pipelines and within LNG facilities
  • pressure relief valves for storage and cargo tank protection
  • automatic recirculation valves for pump protection
  • attemperators that allow for shorter pipe distances.

Downstream Applications

Pentair Valves and Controls manufactures customized, bundled valve and control solutions used in refineries. These include the following:

  • zero-leakage technology for a variety of products used in multiple unit operation applications
  • wireless valve position monitoring to eliminate the need for wired infrastructure
  • emergency shutdown systems for equipment, pipes, and tanks
  • flame and detonation arrestment for increased plant safety.