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Oil and Gas


The oil and gas industry faces a complex set of demands – extreme operating conditions, budget constraints, profitability concerns, safety, and environmental considerations.

Your success depends on having a dynamic partner with the global resources, industry expertise and local knowledge to support you — wherever and whatever the challenge.

Pentair Valves & Controls is an industry leader in flow management solutions for oil and gas. We are pioneers in flow isolation and control, pressure management and automation. In all our efforts, we seek to enhance safety, reduce risk, and deliver efficiency.

Our approach to supporting oil and gas includes:

  • Innovative solutions that leverage the largest most complete portfolio of proven products that provide high operational reliability, low maintenance, and longer service life.
  • Industry experience and expertise that spans the past 140 years.

Our solutions provide:

Best-in-class products

  • The first triple offset valve (TOV) with true zero leakage performance and the preferred TOV in cryogenic applications.
  • Butterfly valves with a 70% lower carbon footprint and a cycle life of 2.5, as compared to competing products.
  • Attemperators that allow for shorter pipe distances, thus reducing installation and operating costs due to 50-percent reduction in evaporation rates.
  • Choke valves with four times longer cycle life, as well as lower maintenance costs in shale applications as compared to competing products.
  • Knife gate valves for oil sands applications that last 17 times longer than competing valves.

Technical and engineering support

  • Our team of 900+ technical sales members and 1,000+ applications and customer service specialists can deliver this expertise anywhere you need it.


Pentair offers an extensive range of products, services and solutions for conventional and unconventional onshore and offshore oil and gas production.

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Pentair helps provides solutions to help companies safely and efficiently store and transport oil and gas commodities and refined products.

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For more than 100 years, Pentair has offered customized solutions and unmatched services to refiners and natural gas processors.

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