Pentair helps shipbuilders and the U.S. Navy to increase their fleets worldwide.

Shipbuilders, owners and operators across the globe are challenged to find reliable products and solutions that help reduce the need for dangerous trouble-shooting during a voyage and aid to lower total lifecycle costs.  Pentair’s quality valves, actuators and controls strive to outperform in all types of vessels, from barges to cargo ships to tankers and tugs.  We work alongside our customers to help ensure the block fabrication and building of a ship is completed efficiently and on time. 

Because we know our customers need reliable 24/7 service, Pentair’s worldwide network provides responsive, knowledgeable service when and where needed. 

Solutions from the Industry’s Leading Brands
Pentair’s  solutions for the shipbuilding industry are offered through an extensive range of leading brands, including KeystoneAnderson Greenwood, Sapag and Yarway, which are applied across multiple applications: in the engine room, in Ballast and cargo systems and as premium products for bulk carriers, container ships, car carriers, chemical tankers and crude oil tankers.  The excellent track record of our products’ performance combined with the global reach of our networks has made Pentair a leader in the industry.

Supporting the U.S. Navy with Cost-Effective Technologies
The U.S. Navy needs new, updated ships, but faces the challenge of working within federal budget restraints and regulations, making it difficult to build new vessels or upgrade current ones with state-of-the art technologies.  Pentair works alongside the Navy, offering valves and control solutions for ships and submarines that help reduce operating costs where possible.  We create standardized valves for our Crosby and Anderson Greenwood brands that are interchangeable, reducing the need for multiple repair parts and ultimately helping to lower the maintenance cost over the lifetime of the valve. The versatility of our valves helps our customers save space and weight, which is critical on submarines and ships with tight storage quarters. 

Additional Pentair products used on these U.S. Navy vessels that are all built to Mill standards include:

  • Yarway Steam Traps
  • Kunkle Pressure Relief Valves 
  • Wheatley Check Valves
  • Lonegran Pressure Relief Valves