Established more than 100 years ago, the Yarway brand has built its reputation on valves, controls, and steam traps for the power industry. The current portfolio features small bore, high pressure vent, drain, blow-off, and continuous blowdown valves for heat recovery steam generators. Its in-line repairable, small-bore isolation valve minimizes lifecycle costs for power plant operators.

Yarway Welbond stop valve now standard in high-pressure power plants
The Yarway Welbond valve is an established stop valve for general line service in today’s high-pressure power plants. It benefits from proven technologies and advancements in metallurgy and fluid flow research. This durable, highly reliable valve enables fast, easy inline repair at a lower cost than its competitors. The stem, disc, and packing can be quickly removed through the yoke, and the seat can be fully exposed for like-new restoration.

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