The Keystone brand, with a tradition of more than 70 years, built its reputation on providing industrial process butterfly valves, which are known for their reliability, long service life, and reduced operating costs. Today the broad Keystone portfolio also includes ball, knife gate, and slurry valves, as well as actuators and controls. Keystone products are used in the oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, food and beverage, and power generation industries.

Keystone Butterfly Valve Life Cycle Is 2.5 Times That of Competitors' Valves
Independent, third-party life-cycle testing has shown that Keystone’s resilient seated butterfly valves, used to control and isolate abrasive fluids, last 2.5 times longer than our competitors’ comparable butterfly valves.

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Additional Products Offering
Keystone now also offers the following products: (Rollover the links for details)


Actuators & Controls

Figure 410Manual Operators
Figure 415Manual Operators
Figure 89Pneumatic ActuatorsQuarter Turn
Model EPI-2Electric ActuatorsQuarter Turn
Model MRP/MRAPneumatic ActuatorsQuarter Turn

Butterfly Valves

Figure 310/312High PerformancePolymer Seated
Figure 320/322Resilient Seated
Figures 129 and 139 Resilient Seated Marine ValvesResilient Seated
Figures AR1 and AR2 General Purpose ValveResilient Seated
Model CompoSealResilient Seated
Model HiSealHigh PerformancePolymer Seated
Model ParaSealResilient Seated
Model RMI Dubex AWWADouble FlangedTriple Eccentric
Series 221/222Resilient Seated
Series 36/37High PerformancePolymer Seated
Series 60Resilient Seated
Series 61 Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve, 14" to 24"Resilient Seated
Series 61 Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve, 2" to 12"Resilient Seated
Series 990/920Resilient Seated
Series GRFDouble FlangedCentric
Series GRW/GRL (imperial)Resilient Seated
Series PRResilient Seated

Knife Gate Valves

Figure 427 Bevel Gear OperatorsMetal Seated
Figure 459 Quick Acting LeverResilient Seated
Figure 952Resilient Seated
Figure 952 PolyurethaneLined
Figure F17/F20Metal Seated
Figure KGNRMetal Seated
Figure PCS17Resilient Seated
Safety GuardsResilient Seated