Hancock valves provide forged gate, globe and check products suitable for service in process, power, petroleum, chemical, petrochemical and general industry applications. With a proven reputation for economical service established over 100 years ago, Hancock offers a complete range of steel valves in both bolted bonnet and no-bonnet designs. With many advanced construction features, Hancock valves provide the economy of quality in terms of long reliable service.

Gate, Globe, Check Valves

Cast Steel (check) - ASME 150-600Check ValvesSwing Check
Cast Steel (gate) - ASME 150-600Gate ValvesWedge
Cast Steel (globe) - ASME 150-600Globe ValvesT - Pattern
Forged Steel (check) - ASME 800-1500Check ValvesPiston Type
Forged Steel (gate) - ASME 800-1500Gate ValvesWedge
Forged Steel (globe) - ASME 800-1500Globe ValvesT - Pattern