For more than 50 years, the Clarkson brand has stood for high performance slurry isolation and control valves and has led the industry in elastomeric sleeve technology. Today, its comprehensive line of slurry knife gate valves leads the market in the mining, power and general process industries. Valves come standard as self purging bi-directional shut-off, ensuring repeatable positive isolation in critical applications.

Case Study: Clarkson larger-diameter, higher-pressure knife gate valve lasts 36 months without maintenance
Oil sands operators typically use Clarkson L&M M145-ZP heavy-duty abrasion-resistant knife gate valves in cyclone separators to extract bitumen from rock and sand. The same valves are used less successfully in the tailings lines, where the heavy sand slurry is pumped at high pressures and high velocities into ponds. At pressures up to 400 psi, the pumped sand acts like an abrasive cutting tool slicing through equipment and causing the valves to fail after only about 6 months. Clarkson modified its L&M valve to withstand pressures up to 1,000 psi. After 3 years of service, this 28” valve has lasted more than 36 months with no downtime or maintenance.

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