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Clarkson Slurry Isolation and Control ValvesClarkson slurry isolation and control valves have been a leader in the industry and a proven performer in elastomeric sleeve technology.  Clarkson valves come standard with bidirectional shut-off, assuring positive isolation in many critical applications including: line blanking, man safe-entry and double block and bleed installations. Clarkson has been at the top of most professional customers’ preferred list of specified slurry products for demanding applications in the mining, power, and general process and water industries.

As the pioneer of the dual elastomer sleeve concept - with inherent self-purging capability - Clarkson slurry valves have always been technologically advanced. Our renowned engineering, manufacturing and application expertise  ensure Clarkson will continue as a premium brand for slurry valves, consistently earning the trust of major mining, power, general process and water companies around the world.